Digital Gopher
Gopher Theordore Jackson Thomas Rodent Jr- Gopher is a 41 year-old with 3 kids. He is the founder of the Attemp Kill Sally Club but always fail he does for an insurence scam,it never works thougth. When Gopher was 39 he was signed to BAM TV and channged his name to Gopher The Rodent for telivision purpose.But Gopher is dumber than he seem example he give his son extar "-" on test to make him feel smart when it makes him look dumber. And in Gopher complicated life he went throught Harvard for a month (then droped out literaly he fell in a hole out of the school.) Now you will all laugh at Gopher the Rodent or we'll sneak in to your house at night (we know were you live.).

offical drawn gopher

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