Ooo someone pretttyy

Cassidy Also known as Hey Lady



              "man kind"

home world:



English, others

average lifespan:

84-104 years

famous members(real life) :

Anakin Mignone,jack antonucci,harry Antonucci,Robert Ellisten ,darren Mignone,Alfhea mignone,Cassidy mignone,Annie Antonucci,taost

famous members:

uncle Will,uncle Bill,cousin Mill,Chef Darren,brainy the ripoff man,donut man,coffee boy,death(cyborg),death's girl friend

humans are the main specie the universe
.they are native to the planet earth.gohers,rabbits and moles are scard off them.Humen are rarely seen off world ever.Some humen how ever are though out the universe.
Lunapic 128130099933673 9

Anakin Mignone

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